M AL-Shakarchi

A Study of Load Management by Direct Control for Jordan's Electrical Power System

Abstract in English: 
The sharp increase in the cost of new generating capacity, uncertain load growth, increasing fuel prices, and other environmental and siting constraints have led to increasing interest by utilities in load management (LM) programs. LM means reducing the electric power consumption and shifting some loads from the peak hours to the off-peak ones. This work deals with an LM program to demonstrate the potential and cost effectiveness of implementing direct load control (DLC) scheme in Jordan's electrical power system. The DLC approach focuses on cycling some of consumer appliances such as air conditioning (A/C) and water heaters (W/H's) to reduce their load during the peak hours, and shifting some of the water pumping system load from peak to off-peak hours. This is done by the utility through remote switching control against an incentive paid to the consumers participating in the program. A computer program was developed for the DLC scheme and applied to the Jordanian system. The results reflect the benefits of implementing the LM program. Based on these results some recommendations were made to the Jordanian electric utility.
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