Bayadega Tower New Capital

Book your unit inside Bayadega Tower New Capital and achieve the dreams of success and excellence
Skyway has launched its latest exceptional and unique project, Bayadega Tower, after the overwhelming success of the first phase of the project.

Bayadega Tower is located in the new administrative capital, in the vital downtown area, which includes all the important commercially active neighborhoods, government departments, and corporate headquarters, in addition to its proximity to commercial areas and markets with high purchasing power, which made it a center for attracting many Arab and foreign investors.

The tower is divided into commercial, administrative, and medical units designed in the latest style with various spaces and reasonable and unbeatable prices that suit all customers and investors.

The geographical location of Bayadega Mall New Capital, and its most important features
Bayadega Administrative Capital was established in a strategic location, specifically at the entrance to the Downtown area in the Al-Abraj district, in the second number of the northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, which is considered the heart of New Cairo, as it is the largest commercial area that includes many shopping centers and major commercial activities in various fields.

Bayadega Tower is close to many important areas, roads, and main axes, including the following:

Bayadega Tower is located on a 100-meter-wide axis that connects the Al Masa Hotel, the gold market with huge purchasing power, and the Mosque of Egypt.
A 70-meter-wide axis connects the government district and the Mohammed bin Zayed axis.
It is close to the economically and commercially active neighborhoods such as the government district, the embassies district, the ministries, the financial and business district, which includes many corporate headquarters, the global stock exchange, and the diplomatic district.
It is located near the most important landmarks such as the Green River and Central Park, which extends from the beginning to the end of the New Administrative Capital.
It is 5 minutes between Bayadega Tower and the Heritage and Arts District.
It is close to the monorail station and the central train station.
Close to the most famous malls and towers in the Downtown area.