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The International Training &Consultation Center is pleased to invite you to attend the Workshop, the information required are in the following:
Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Identify the right course of action to resolve a legal dispute
• Reduce the possibility of disputes leading to legal action
• Apply national and international legal requirements for dispute resolution
• Employ arbitration knowledge to negotiate terms
• Use case law to achieve a favorable outcome for their organization
• Fundamentals of dispute resolution
o Overview of the dispute resolution process
o Methods of dispute resolution including:
 Litigation
 Arbitration
 Collaborative law
 Mediation
 Conciliation
 Negotiation
 Facilitation
o Introduction to international High Court litigation processes
 Path of a claim
 Pre-action matters
 Court documents
 Case management
 Disclosure
 During the trial
 Judgement
• Dispute resolution in the GCC
o The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) system
 Early neutral evaluation
 Negotiation
 Conciliation
 Mediation
 Arbitration
o Importance of Alternative Dispute Resolution
• Law systems
o Civil law system
o Codification
o Subgroups
• Common law system
o Court decisions
o Statutes
• International arbitration
o Introduction to international arbitration
o Institutional versus ‘ad hoc’ arbitration
o Introduction to mediation: The process and its principles
• Arbitration in the GCC
o Drafting international arbitration clauses
o The arbitration award and its enforcement
o Recent international arbitration case law
o Advantages and disadvantages of:
 Arbitration
 Litigation
 Mediation

Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
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