water leak detection

Fresh water is one of the most valuable resources on our planet and at the same time one of the scarcest. Although water makes up three quarters of the earth's surface, only 3% is fresh. That is why the industry is making great efforts to regulate the supply and reduce water pollution.

In this sense, water leaks are one of the main causes of loss of hundreds of liters of water, and therefore companies must take into consideration, both to detect and prevent.

Why do water leaks happen in the house?
Water leaks usually originate in the drainage of the drain or simply from the pipe itself, in the connections or accessories such as taps and other components. The reason for the leak can be from an improper installation, to a deterioration of the rubbers in the keys and connections, to other types of problems with the pipes.

For example, if the pipe is in contact with unprotected lines such as electrical conduits or heating ducts, the friction with these can cause the pipe to wear out and leak.

Whatever the cause, these problems can occur in all types of structures and at any time and it is not always easy to detect them in time. That is why it is important to pay special attention to the possible signs of leakage, so that it allows us to correct it as soon as possible.

How to detect a water leak
Here are some guidelines to identify water leaks in your home or premises:

– Soft or wet surfaces when walking, bulges, hot spots on the floor or wet walls, can be a sign that there is a break in the pipe.

– If your water consumption, and therefore the price of your water and gas bills, increase in an unjustified way, it may be due to a leak. One way to check it is by closing all the stopcocks in the house. If the meter continues to tick, there is a hidden water leak that you should put in the hands of a professional.

– Sound of running water when you are not using any appliance, cistern or sink. Try to close all the taps and devices that require water for their operation and pay attention to the noise of the water.

– Dark damp spots or discolored areas. Observe them, if they do not disappear or they increase, you will have an invisible water leak.

– If your water heater that does not turn off when you are not using it and remains in constant operation, it is possibly due to a leak.

Leaks in buried pipes
Some leaks may be visible to the naked eye, but around 70% of leaks are hidden under floors or walls. The first ones will be easy to recognize, but what happens when the water leak is apparently invisible?

By going unnoticed, it takes longer to detect them and therefore the damage will be greater. In addition to the increase in the economic cost that it can suppose, especially in the case of industries or large infrastructures.

Leak detection technology, the best possible solution
There are currently numerous methods for locating water leaks that are not visible to the naked eye, and in which technology will be our best ally. All equipment is highly reliable and allows acting as quickly as possible and causing the least disruption to the customer.

Thermographic cameras that color changes in temperature with different intensities of tone, in this way we can detect water that apparently cannot be seen.
Moisture scanner capable of non-invasively detecting the appearance of moisture in any material.
Listening equipment that allows us to search the points of the network or branches for possible leaks. In the areas where evidence is found, the correlation will be used to center the leak. Correlation consists of placing two microphones between two metal points on the pipe and listening to the noise that is produced.
Georadar allows us to carry out as little work as possible, since it locates the exact point where it has to be repaired, drilling only a minimum surface to fix the affected section of pipe.
If you suspect that you may have a water leak, put it in the hands of professionals as soon as possible, since a leak detected and fixed in time can save thousands of liters in the short term.


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