The water leak detection company in Abu Dhabi

The water leak detection company in Abu Dhabi is one of the leading and distinguished companies in the field of detecting water leaks and isolating tanks and walls using the latest advanced technological means and capabilities. In the following lines, we will learn about the smallest details and the company’s role in detecting water leaks under ceramics and walls.
The role of a water leak detection company in Abu Dhabi

We first learn about the damage caused by water leaks in the house, and they are summarized in the following:
Water leaks erode walls and floors in homes.
Water leaks lead to the collapse of the building's infrastructure and the collapse of the foundations.
The accumulation of sedimentary water leads to the formation of bacteria and parasites that lead to the spread of diseases and epidemics.
Water seepage causes the walls to swell, causing deformation of the faces and walls of buildings.
The water leaking iron inside the reinforced walls leads to the corrosion of the iron and its fragmentation, and then the collapse of the walls and the entire building if the problem is not resolved and the situation is not aggravated.
The spread of moisture in the walls of the house, which helps in infecting the population with allergies and asthma.
Water leakage from taps and tanks leads to a high water consumption bill.
Types of waterproofing

Negative leakage: It is the result of water taps not being closed incorrectly, which results in clear water leakage on the floors of bathrooms and kitchens.
Active leakage: It results from the leakage of water from internal water pipes and tubes to the reinforcement iron of concrete columns, which works to break up and rust the iron inside, which leads to the erosion of walls and the collapse of entire buildings.
What are the causes of water leakage?

High temperature of electric water heaters in water pipes.
Using poor-quality pipes, elbows and plumbing tools
Failure to follow the instructions for closing the taps correctly.
Failure to carry out periodic maintenance of taps, tanks, and internal and external water pipes for the house or building
Failure to install the tiles in a proper way, which results in the occurrence of voids that help in the leakage of water to the interior, which works to spread moisture and brighten the walls.
The work of a water leak detection company in Abu Dhabi

The water leak detection company in Abu Dhabi acquires the latest devices and advanced means that help detect water leaks inside the walls without the need to break the walls and floors, and also works to ensure that all these works are done as quickly as possible and without the need for the customer to leave the house.
The company also works to protect the customer from insect damage resulting from the accumulation of leaked water and spraying it with the latest methods to prevent the spread of diseases and epidemics in the place.

Devices and methods used to solve the problem of water leaks.

The water leak detection company in Abu Dhabi uses a lot of modern devices to detect water leaks with ease, and among these devices is the Aquaphone device. This device works by passing it on the walls to detect and determine the leak location with high accuracy. these devices.
The goal of a water leak detection company in Abu Dhabi
The company's goal is for people to enjoy a clean and healthy life.
The company's goal is to deliver the service with the highest potential and the lowest costs to the customer.

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