Heavenly Matters

بيانات الملخص الأولية
Heavenly Matters
Abstract in English: 
Also this research showed that taking the present of different species of the creation as standard of measuring the absentee, is an incorrect measurement. So, how can it be legally correct to take the creation as standard of measuring the creation? Consequently is every one knows different kinds of the unknown, understands them, studies some of them and studies their means of concept, he will be protected against hesitation of interrupters, perversity of disnoucers and extravagance of doubters . Then the person can precede the virtuous approach of ancestors to affirm that affirmed by revelation versions without comparing and to disproof that was disproved without deactivation, as we believe in the Koranic verse: (ليس آمثله شيء وهو السميع البصير) Glory to Allah, who is never be similar to any body or anything, but he possesses the attributes of hearing and seeing. This research has been written about the above mentioned concept, if God wills hearts be guided, standards of the Unseen be revealed, sorrows be removed and we believe that God achieve our aim and guide us to the virtuous way.