Saif Al-Oraifi

Al-Zayadi, the Grammarian His life, Works, and Approach

Title in English: 
Al-Zayadi, the Grammarian His life, Works, and Approach
Abstract in English: 
Abou Isaaq Al Zayadi (d.249H) was one of the grammarians from Basra during the 3rd century H. Non of his works remained until today, so the researcher has decided to collect and study his scattered opinions. The research consists of four chapters: Chapter one : his life and works. This chapter contains: 1- His life and his ancestors. 2- His scholar teachers including : Al-Asma’I, Abu Obaida, Abu Zaid, Al-Akhash Al-Awsat, and Al-Jarmi. The researcher has questioned what had been mentioned by Yaqoot about Al-Zayadi being taught by Sibeweih. 3- His pupils including bin Duried, Amubbarad, and Ahmed bin Obeid Al-Kufi. 4- The scholars’ opinions of him. 5- His poems, which are scarce. 6- His lost works. The researcher has found some of Al-Zayadi’s original texts in the book entitled “Ta’leeq Al-Fara’id by El-Damameini” 7- His efforts concerning language and narration. Here, the researcher has mentioned nine of Al-Zayadi’s linguistics opinions. Chapter two : His Syntactic Opinions. Chapter Three : His opinions on Morphology. Al-Zayadi’s Morphological opinions are six. Some of these opinions are his own, and some are qoted from others. Of his original opinions, he claims that the exclamatory “Izah” (If) is considered part of the main clause in the conditional sentence if it is preceded by the conjunction “Fa”. And of the opinions quoted from others, he says that the vowels occurring in the “Six Nouns” are diacritic signs. This is the same as Qaterb’s opinion, and one of the two opinions expressed by Hisham bin Moaweya who preceded him. Another example taken from Al-Akhfash(his teacher), is the possibility of telling about the identical appositive. Chapter Four : Features of his syntactic Approach . 1- independence and objectivity. 2- Refuting the opinions that contradict with his approach. 3- Reaching logic results by analogy. 4- Accuracy in giving evidence.
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