Ali Al-Garni

Concepts in Our Islamic Culture

Title in English: 
Concepts in Our Islamic Culture
Abstract in English: 
Through the present research, which is concerned with some concepts of the Islamic Culture, I’ve tried to assert the significance of the Islamic Culture in establishing the Islamic character whether at the individual or the Ummah level. This paper is divided into five chapters, introduction and a conclusion. The introduction presents a. the necessity of immunizing the Muslim through offering him the maximum possible of original Islamic Culture; b. the importance and the need to studying Culture. The first chapter focuses on a. the concept of culture, the importance of culture for the individual, the society and education; any nation or Ummah without culture is a nation with no identity; c. the best way for preserving a nation’s culture is through education; d. the relationship between culture and education is that of influence and effect; e. the objectives of the Islamic culture that all concentrate upon bringing up the Muslim’s intellectual level concerning understanding and applying his religion. The second chapter presents the rise of Culture as a science, the early writings on Culture, its scope and rank among other sciences. The third chapter discusses the characteristics and advantages of the Islamic Culture as godly, humane and universal culture. This in addition to its being balanced, stable and comprehensive. The fourth chapter focuses on three foundations for the Islamic Culture: a. the sources of the Islamic Culture, i.e. Quran, Sunnah and Islamic heritage, b. establishing religious continence (restraint) within the selves. c. the universality and the da’wa of time Islamic Culture. The fifth chapter focuses on time relationship between culture, civilization and science from an Islamic point of view. This chapter is concluded with an important point, i.e. the roots of civilization according to the Islamic conception. The conclusion reasserts the importance of studying and acquiring the Islamic Culture.
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