Abdul Rahman Al-Hlayil

Amr Bin Masada’s (died in 218 [1) Biography & Pose Heritage

Title in English: 
Amr Bin Masada’s (died in 218 [1) Biography & Pose Heritage
Abstract in English: 
This paper is a study of Amr bin Masada’s life as well as literary writings. First, Ibn Masada’s life is explored including his family, name, life stages, attributes, creed, rhetoric and death. Then, the second part of the paper is a (his cousin of Ibn Masada’s prose heritage (types and characteristics). The researcher began the paper with a brief note concerning the loss of most of his writings. Next, he critically analyzed the variety of literary his writings, including letters with their two types, wisdom sayings, and signatures. He also examined in detail the major characteristics of Bin Masada’s writings from the points of view of form as well as content. The study ends with a conclusion containing the major fin lings, including: 1.Bin Masada’s position among the other writers of his time 2.The loss of most of his writings 3.His literary language is superior
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