Ahmad AI-Matoug

The Polysemous words in the Arabic language, Their nature, importance, and source

Title in English: 
The Polysemous words in the Arabic language, Their nature, importance, and source
Abstract in English: 
Arabic polysemous words (words that have more than one meaning), and the explanations and discussions concerning them form an important part of the Arabic language and its literary legacy. However, Arabic philologists’ and linguists’ views upon the nature of these words and their importance, and role in expression remain controversial. Furthermore, the books that contain these words lack formal organization and classification. That is what makes these words an issue worthy of investigation, especially in existing Arabic language circumstances. This paper attempts to study this issue from different angles: linguistic, literary and rhetorical, based on an analytical and critical examination of the opinions and works related to the issue. It aims consequently, to reconcile the differences between the arguments and then to reach a radical solution. Likewise this paper tries to prove the importance and extent of the effectiveness of Arabic polysemous words in living expressions. It also attempts to highlight suggestions that could establish the groundwork for an advanced lexicon for these words. Finally, this study raises questions that are worth further investigation, such as: the relationship of polysemous words to classical and modem poetry; the relationship of these words to figures of speech (rhetorical styles) like allegory, paronomasia, and metaphors; and also the relationship that they can have to scientific terms.
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